Terraling is built to host your own dataset and let you start discover new insight from your linguistic dataset!

Collaborate with experts to expand and study your dataset. Or simply partecipate to an existing group!

Do advanced searches within your dataset to discover insight in your data, download or visualize the results!

Explore the World's Languages

Terraling is a collection of searchable linguistic databases that allows users to discover which properties (morphological, syntactic, and semantic) characterize a language, as well as how these properties relate across languages. This system is designed to be free to the public and open-ended . Anyone can use the database to perform queries.

Linguistic researchers can put up their own data using the open-ended framework we provide. Visit the list of public groups to begin searching. Sign up for an account to get access more groups and search features.

Terraling is the next generation of the Linguistic Explorer project. The linguistic leads have been Chris Collins, Hilda Koopman and Richard Kayne. The principal developers of the original site (SSWL) were Sangeeta Vishwanath, Hiral Rajani, and Jillian Kozyra. The principal developers of this site have been: